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My program consists of a workout posted by me 3x a week along with a demo video to teach you the proper way to do each exercise. It will keep you active while learning new exercises & getting incredible results.

I’ve grown up in the fitness industry and have designed my program using the vast knowledge I’ve acquired over the years including yoga. If you’re looking to increase your range of motion & flexibility, stay active, burn fat, boost your confidence & immune system, grow your booty, and learn how to exercise properly without feeling restricted by your workout routine, then this is for you! You’ll have your workout done in less time than it took you to drive to the gym and back. You can log on anytime and complete the workout from ANYWHERE.⠀

For those of you who have never done my program, here’s a little more info:⠀

  • COMPLETELY online⠀⠀
  • Three workout videos per week⠀
  • Encouraging environment with no intimidation or judgment
  • No contract- you can log into PayPal & cancel anytime
  • Can be done from anywhere at anytime⠀
  • For ALL fitness levels & ages
  • Modifications provided⠀
  • Accountability partners & a group full of women encouraging you but never judging⠀
  • Never over 40 minutes ⠀

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